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Introducing our line of preserved roses with stems!!! These beauties will come in a box for shipping for you to arrange accordingly. Please note that this product is simply rose stems, not an actual arrangement. However, these beauties can easily be arranged in the vase of your choosing. Just to be clear, these roses will come in an ugly brown shipping box, not a cute gift box, as they are for you to design your own gift! We offer any quantity that you desire. if you are local and want a vase, we would be happy to arrange them in a vase for you. However, due to shipping restraints, we can't ship completed arrangements like these at this time.


THESE ROSES MAKE AN ARRANGEMENT THAT DOES NOT NEED WATER And WILL LAST FOR A YEAR OR LONGER!!! Just imagine her happiness to see a gorgeous rose arrangement that looks fresh for a year!




Box of dozen blooms

  • If kept in the correct environment, our roses will remain fresh for years. The roses must be kept out of direct sunlight, must be kept in air conditioning, must be kept dry (out of areas of high humidity like a bathroom) and not touched/handled. Following these simple rules ensures the longevity of your arrangement!

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