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Our Policy

         Our roses are grown in the middle of the world, Ecuador, where the world's most perfect roses are cultivated. Our roses are treated with a secret solution of safe chemicals to preserve them. In order to ensure their longevity, they must be kept in certain conditions. For a Bella Rose to last for A YEAR OR MORE, it must be kept out of direct sunlight, be kept at room temperature, be kept dry (out of areas of high humidity like a bathroom,) and finally touched/handled as little as possible.

           Our arrangements are hand-made by a licensed florist. Due to demand and supply of certain vases, you may not receive the exact vase that is pictured. We do try to send a vase as similar as possible.


Due to the effect of the roses in the wrong environment, we cannot guarantee how long a rose will last in the possession of the recipient. However, customer service is of the utmost importance to us, so we try our hardest to ensure customer satisfaction.


            At this time, we are only offering domestic shipping. We are proud to offer free shipping/free delivery for local areas near Baton Rouge, including New Orleans and Lafayette, La. Please contact us to see if you qualify for free shipping/delivery!

           Our farm in Ecuador follows the highest quality and environmental standards  and have the following certifications: 


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